Part Finder Equipment Specification for instrument for identification of

insulated cable strands



Applicable standards: CE . EMC Directive 89/336/EEC


Protection level for equipment: IP 65


Ambient temperature: Maximum 80 C / Minimum -20


Identification distances: min 120 km, 150 mm2 Aluminium stand

min 2 km, 10 mm2 Cu strand


Supply voltage: DC voltage 9V


Colour codes: Cables for identificatin are black, any cable for neutral or

earth connection are green / yellow striped


Insulation level for cables and quick couplings: 1000V According to IEC 664, DIN VDE0110 and IEC 1010. All cable connection quick couplings are insulated in order to avoid touch by accident.


Identification set includes: 2 pieces Transmitter with four transmitting conductors each for Neutral/ Earth

connection and respectively L1, L2 and L3


1 pice Receiver with alarm for low supply voltage or short circuit between the

strands, indicating the identified parts by means of light diods. The receiver

may not identify the parts unless it is

connected to a common ground/earth connection to the transmitter


Cables allow a temperature of 150C for a touching tool without permanent damage

(short time,1s 300 C)


Capacity of circuit braking fuses for personel safety: 1250 kA


Handling of Equipment: All items in the set is manufactured to withstand heavy duty conditions and

allows operation with gloves.


LL-Instrument AB